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Professional, natural and sustainable hair styling products.

Started as a Family & Friends company, Green Monkey Club has grown into an experienced team of friends, enthusiasts and experts from a wide variety of fields.
With the digitization of shares, they are now setting out together to break new ground, inspire international markets and win new fans every day.
Team Collage
"We have all known each other in the team for a long time and are friends and experts from a wide variety of fields. That's a lot of fun. Together we work to ensure that our products not only have the perfect effect, but also look great in the bathroom. Sustainability is a matter of course for us. So it quickly became clear to me that a beautifully designed glass is exactly the right packaging for us. Easy to recycle and - in my opinion - pretty to look at."
Karin Kohlenbach, Co-Founder & CEO.

As a business graduate, Karin has been working in the field of branding and communication for over 20 years . With Green Monkey Club she now combines her passion for brands with her love for hair and cosmetics.

“We are at the beginning of our exciting Green Monkey Club journey. The course has been set to make our vision a reality. We never lose sight of our values ​​- such as the utmost care for our natural products."
Sergül Süme-Freisleder, Co-Founder & Sales & Marketing Director.

Sergül has over 20 years of expertise in marketing, digital marketing and sales. Most recently, she was able to help build a startup and lead it to success.

"We develop our products ourselves with a lot of care, know-how and together with our customers. We only use the best ingredients. All ingredients are of the highest quality, natural and certified organic."
Andreas, Co-Founder & Creative Director.

 In the parents' hair salon Growing up, Andreas has hair cutting and styling in his DNA. For more than 25 years he has been running his own barbershops as a master hairdresser, hairstylist and international trainer.